DATE: 18.10.2023

TIME: 22.00

LOCATION: Storsalen

PRICE:  from 285,-


Includes entrance

Metteson to Storsalen!

Metteson sounds like the future: brazenly grand kaleidoscopic pop, Metteson sounds like the future: brazenly grand kaleidoscopic pop, wrote the Guardian, predicting a bright future for Norway's pop star, Metteson. He was early hailed as the debutant of the year and won prestigious music awards after just a few concerts in Norway. Since then, Metteson has sung and danced his way into the hearts of fans all over Europe.

Metteson creates shameless and dynamic pop music that leads to sweaty dance floors, sing-alongs, and intense emotions. He is a complete artist, dedicated to all aspects of his craft. Metteson is a trained actor, and as a musician, he is just as passionately grounded in the theatrical and aesthetic aspects as he is in songwriting and production. With his unique artistic touch, combined with pop sensibility, dance and storytelling, Metteson has been hailed as a rare talent and a charismatic stage personality.

Metteson is now ready to conquer UKA with bangers such as "Under Your Shirt" and "Second Heart". Prepare to indulge in enticing pop music, with a hint of personal experiences.

On October 10th, Metteson will take on Storsalen and UKA!

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