DATO: 07.10.2021

TID: 11.00

STED: Realfagsbygget - Gløshaugen

PRIS:  Gratis


The energy transition is a huge challenge, but it also represents a great opportunity. Equinor aims to take a leading role as the world progresses towards a net-zero future by 2050, and we have accelerated the company’s strategy to meet the demands of the transition.

Time: 11:00 – 12:15
Location: Realfagsbygget R7

Equinor’s goal is to be a global leader in offshore wind and the European leader in carbon capture and storage (CCS). We will continue as Norway’s energy champion and we will become a leading energy player in selected international markets. Equinor’s strategic pillars will remain: Always safe – high value – low carbon.

Together, we can find new solutions. That requires joining forces both inside and outside Equinor. We must work together, talk together, innovate together and tackle the challenges together. On Thursday 7 October, you will have the opportunity to meet our CEO Anders Opedal and some of our young experts. They will tell you more about what Equinor is doing to become a leading company in the energy transition and look forward to hearing your views, questions and perspectives.

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