During UKA, you and your friends can be in the audience for several fun, and other more serious, shows and live podcasts!

Published:  14.09.2023

A majority of Norway's most popular podcasts and shows are coming to UKA! Here you can catch up on gossip with Felisha + 1, discuss the most current issues with the NRK podcast Oppdatert, tension and mystery with Truecrimepodden, or keep up to date on UKA with our own UKEsender podcast. Laugh out loud with The Grand Roast-Off med Olli, UNKT HHUNT, Odda and Henrik, or come to a hypnosis show with Hypnotist and mentalist Geir Tangen.

Fetisha + 1

When Fetisha invites guests to the studio for a podcast, "the tea is served". Here you will get the latest gossip, as well as conversations about sex, love and life in general.

On 8 October, Fetisha comes to UKA for a live podcast, and she has Martha Leivestad and Galvan Mehisi with her! There will be clickbaits, sex tips, yodels from Trondheim and a good dose of goofy vibes. If you're lucky, you might also get help with your dating dilemmas, and maybe Fetisha has a magical ritual in store!

NB: This event will be held in Norwegian.


On 12 October, the NRK-podcast Oppdatert is coming to UKA.

For the first time, Norways most popular podcast will be broadcast live, from Klubben på Studentersamfundet. The student choir Pirum will set the tone when presenter Gry Veiby walks us through this very special podcast recording. There will be exciting guests, and this is your opportunity to secure a place among the audience!

NB: This event will be held in Norwegian.

Fri Flyt Film Tour kommer tilbake til UKA!

This year marks 25 years of great ski films and great atmosphere. The ski season is fast approaching, but there is still a bit left until the ski season starts. Are you one of those who can't wait for winter? Come to the Fri Flyt Film Tour and pretend the wait is over, for a little while at least.


The 17th of October will be a scary night, because Truecrimepodden will come to Baccarat to hold a live podcast.

Truecrimepodden is a podcast that explains and goes in depth about gruesome murders, mysterious disappearances and macabre serial killers. Despite only having provided content for a couple of years, Truecrimepodden has quickly become one of Norway's most popular podcasts. Host Pernille Radeid does not skimp on the details when she leads us through murder and into the dark minds of some of the most notorious serial killers in world history.

NB: The event will be held in Norwegian.

Odda og Henrik

Odda and Henrik have been best friends since their school days, and together, they have created humorous moments throughout the years. In this exceptional show, they take us on an unforgettable journey through their friendship and life so far. Expect an evening filled with candid revelations, friendly teasing, tributes, and perhaps even some well-intentioned jokes at each other's expense.

We guarantee that the show will incorporate elements from stand-up comedy, revue, and possibly even a touch of serious theater art, all blended together in a delightful mix that Odda considers important to convey (inspired by advice he has received from Aksel Hennie and other "real" actors he's trying to befriend). However, for those expecting burlesque dancing, we must regrettably disappoint you – there will be no such performances. So, anticipate an evening filled with humor, warmth, and a hint of dark humor, but no burlesque!

The Grand Roast-off med Olli

For the first time, UKA presents a wild roast-off between some of Norway´s, perhaps, funniest comedians! Together with Olli Wermskog, known from "Kongen Befaler" on TVNorge, among other things, various high-profile comedians will be put to the test in their ability to deliver humorous insults. The comedians who will be roasting each other this time are none other than Magnus Devold, Marlene Stavrum, Ahmed Mamow, Henning Bang and Nora Svenningsen!

This is going to be a laugh-out-loud evening with juicy roasting, wild humour, cheeky comments and maybe even more surprises.

You cannot miss such an event! Come alone or with friends, and join the roast of the ages in the Great Hall on the 26th of October.


Over the past few years, UNKT HHØNT, the vibrant underground phenomenon, has emerged as a shining star in Oslo's comedy scene. With astounding stunts and spectacular performances at venues like Nieu Scene, SALT Art & Music, and Parkteatret, they have made laughter muscles go wild, delivering unforgettable moments.

With their boundary-pushing humor, blending elements like "Crazy and Bananas," they have never had to refund a single ticket (partly thanks to their ingenious legal maneuvers, allowing them to navigate both on and off the stage with playful ease).

So get ready and welcome this exceptional invitation:

Join us for an unforgettable evening filled with an hour and a half of sketches straight from the depths of comedy hell. This is a show you won't want to miss!

NB: this event is in Norwegian

UKEsenderen - Your Live Podcast for UKA

Excitement, chatter, and spectacular music! Radio Revolt presents our beloved UKEsenderen. The ultimate live podcast that provides you with exclusive insights into everything happening during UKA.

Radio Revolt is our leading student radio station with the goal of giving the students in the city a voice. Here, the UKA events will be covered in a way like no other. From the spectacular to the intimate. They will give you, the listeners, a chance to be a part of the celebration even if you can't be there in person. You'll get live reports, in-depth interviews with artists and organizers. Sparkling reviews of the events, and unfiltered gossip from people who LOVE UKA as much as you do.

Maybe you want to hear your favorite comedian answer daring questions, artists playing the music you have to dance to, or you're wondering which events you shouldn't miss - UKEsenderen is your key to experiencing UKA in a whole new way. Join them as they explore everything that makes UKA an unforgettable event. Be a part of the fun, follow UKEsenderen, and become a part of this fantastic celebration!

NB: The podcast will be held in Norwegian.

Experience Hypnosis and Mentalism Up Close

NB: This event will be held in Norwegian

Hypnotist and mentalist Geir Tangen is returning to UKA, and we're ready for a fun and unique experience where volunteers from the audience will be hypnotized and become the stars of the evening's performance. Can it get any better? Now's your chance!

Geir Tangen has become a well-known figure in recent years through appearances on shows like "Norske Talenter" (Norway's Got Talent), "Stian Blipp Show," "4-stjerners middag" (Four-Star Dinner), and as a guest on several NRK programs. You might remember when Geir hypnotized host Niklas Baarli, capturing the attention of a wide audience. Now, you can be the next!

Geir is an internationally certified hypnotist and hypnotherapist with specialization in stage hypnosis (ISAHt, NGH, IHF). He uses a combination of psychology, observation, suggestion, and techniques to create absurd and amusing situations that give the illusion of a sixth sense (Mentalism). Here, the audience and participants will be challenged to test their own limits and understanding of what's possible.

Following UKA-21, journalist Jonas Høydal shared his thoughts: "It almost feels like we're part of a cult. He guides us through the show with great confidence, and even the biggest skeptics in the audience aren't immune. The initial skepticism is gradually replaced by laughter and applause from the audience."

Don't miss Geir Tangen's hypnotic performance at UKA-23! This is a rare opportunity to experience excitement and entertainment at its BEST.

NB: This event will be held in Norwegian

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