About UKA UKA is the biggest and longest running studentdriven culturalfestival in Norway. It’s been arranged every other fall since 1917, with the exception of the waryears 1941 and 1943. In 2021 UKA takes place between the 7rd and 31th of October. UKA has a purpose of delivering the financial expectations of Samfundet through great experiences and a good reputation. Both UKA and Samfundet are run by volunteering students. The UKErevy is perhaps the most important event of the festival. Each UKErevy has a unique name, which is also carried by its respective UKE. The name is kept secret until the official opening of the festival. In addition to the revy there are two smaller additional intimate performances: The Nightshow, which has served up crime and intrigue for the audience since the 1990s, and the second is the children’s theater. The weekends during UKA are special. You’ll find students, old and current, roaming the halls of Samfundet dressed in their finest attire.
FAQ ##### How do I buy tickets? 1. Click "Program".
2. Find the event you want to attend.
3. Click "Kjøp billett".
4. Choose "Medlem" if you are a member of Studentersamfundet, "Ikke-medlem" if not. Choose the number of tickets you want under "Antall".
5. Choose "Billett på e-post" if you want the ticket(s) on your e-mail or "Billettløst på medlemskort" if you want your ticket(s) on your Samfundet member card.
6. Then fill in your payment card info, and click the blue button to pay.
7. Enjoy the event! ##### There are two price categories, “member” and “non-member”. What does this mean? If you are a paying member of Studentersamfundet in Trondheim, you are able to buy your tickets at member rates. This means cheaper tickets. In order to take advantage of this deal, you have to possess a valid membership card that you have bring with you to every event you have acquired tickets for. (If you choose “ticketless” (billettløst) when you buy your ticket, your membership card will serve as the ticket. You have to bring your card with you in order to gain access to the event.) ##### Can I put my ticket on my membership card? When choosing the “ticketless” option when acquiring a ticket, the membership card itself may be utilised as a ticket. You will not need bring the actual ticket with you to the event, as long as you bring your membership card. NB: you cannot have more than one ticket on your membership card at once. If you have purchased more than one ticket, the remaining will be e-mailed to you. ##### How do I obtain the tickets I have purchased? When you have paid, you will receive a confirmation mail which will contain your purchased tickets. You will then have to print out the ticket(s) and bring them along to the event. Further instructions on how to open the file containing the ticket will be given in the same mail as aforementioned. If you choose to put your ticket on your membership card, the card itself will act as your ticket. Thus, remember to bring your card with you in order to gain access to the event. ##### We are a group that would like to order tickets for revue and dinner If you are a group of people that want to order tickets for the revue and a dinner party after, please send an inquiry to
Reservation of tickets will be accessible in late February/ early March. ##### I bought a memberticket but I'm not a member During UKA we'll put up a ticketoffice next to Bunnpris Samfundet and a serviceoffice at the entrance to Dødens Dal (Death Valley). You'll be able to switch your ticket from member to non-member in either of these offices. All you have to do is show up during opening hours (starting at the end of September) and we'll help you. ##### Is UKA merely for students? You do not have to be a student in order to partake in UKA’s festivities. As the biggest cultural festival in Norway, UKA has more than enough to offer to everyone, no matter age or occupation. ##### How do I become a member of Studentersamfundet? Go to for more detailed instructions on how to become a member. ##### What is the G-weekend (G-helg)? G-helg or G-weekend, is for the old studenst returning to Trondheim to celebrate jubilees, see old friends and watch the UKErevy.

When: 22.-17. October ##### What is the S-weekend (S-helg)? S-weekend is the student’s weekend. Students from all over the country will attend UKA for the weekend and join the many joyous events that the festival has to offer.

When: 22.-24. October ##### What is the H-weekend (H-helg)? H-helg og H-weekend is for the volunteers at Samfundet, ISFiT and UKA. Here old and current volunteers come to see the revy and participate in the traditional dinners that happens during every UKE. This weekend also symbolize that Samfundet is returning to normal.

When: 29.-31. October
##### Where do I find the event information? General information, event time and age restrictions are to be found

General inquiries

Reservation for G-weekend and H-weekend



President of UKA

Max Meinich

992 15 971

Press officer

Frida Jerve

992 15 979

Admin chief

Guro Prestegårdshus

992 15 973

Responsible for welfare arrangements for the volunteers, IT, secretariat, recruitment of volunteers.

Culture chief

Live Wermundsen Mork

992 15 978

Responsible for UKErevyen as well as other relevant events

Press relations manager

Maren Mood

992 15 977

Responsible for partners and marketing of UKA

Arena chief

Adrian Padget

992 15 974

Responsible for events, operation and safety in Dødens dal

Operations manager

Annika Vigsnæs Taule

992 15 975

Responsible for the operation and safety of Studentersamfundet during UKA

Finance manager

Guro Larsen

992 15 972

Responsible for budget, accounting, ticket solutions and payment systems

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