UKEstore The UKEstore is currently closed.

The store is located at Café Hangaren at NTNU Glødhaugen (mazemap). Here you can try on and buy all UKEmerchendice. The selection is wide, and consists of coffee mugs, beer glasses, bucket hats, tote bags and sweaters, among other things. The designs are made by volunteers. Come check it out!

Opening hours:
Monday through Friday: 08:00 – 18:00
Saturday: 12:00 – 15:00

Nettbutikken er for øyeblikket stengt
The online store is a new addition to the UKEstore, and aims to make browsing and shopping UKEmerch easier. If you find something you like in the online store, you can secure the item by purchasing it online and picking it up in the physical store at Café-Sito at Gløshaugen the day after your purchase. Nettbutikken er et nytt tilbud i UKA for å gjøre det enklere for deg å utforske og kjøpe utvalgt UKEmerch. Når du finner noe du vil ha i nettbutikken, kan du sikre deg det ved å kjøpe det i nettbutikken og hente det i UKEbutikken på Café-Sito på Gløshaugen dagen etter kjøpet.
About UKA UKA is a music and cultural festival in Norway, run entirely by student volunteers. The festival was held for the first time in 1917 and has been a part of student life in Trondheim ever since. The festival itself takes place every other fall. UKA-23 takes place from the 5th – 29th of October. Since UKA and Studentersamfundet are run by volunteers, the revenue from sales during UKA are used to aid Studentersamfundet financially. UKA is a cultural festival, and organizes various kinds of cultural arrangements, among which is the UKErevy. The UKErevy is highly regarded and thus seen as one of the major events of the festival. During UKA, students, both old and new, gather to take part in the festivities. A children's theater will be set up next to the revue. In addition to this, we have KUPiUKA, this is a small group that contributes a creative grant to various projects before and during UKA, such as courses, construction, sewing and fun activities
FAQ ##### How to buy tickets?
1. Click "Program".
2. Find the event you want to attend.
3. Click "Buy ticket".
4. If you are a member of Studentersamfundet, choose “member”. If you are not a member, choose “non-member”. Choose the amount of tickets you want, and proceed
5. You can choose between receiving your tickets by email, or if you prefer to receive it electronically on your member card.
6. Fill in your payment card info. Click the blue button to pay.
7. Enjoy the event!

There are two different price categories for tickets. This is because members of Studentersamfundet in Trondheim are offered tickets at a cheaper rate. You have to have a valid membership card to Studentersamfundet, which you have to make sure to bring with you to all events. If you choose to receive your ticket electronically on your membership card, then your membership card serves as your ticket. NB: You cannot have more than one ticket on your membership card at once. If you purchase more than one ticket, the remaining tickets will be e-mailed to you.

The weekends during UKA are unique from one to another. The four weekends consist of:

B-weekend takes place from 6th – 8th of October. This weekend is the city´s weekend, and consists of the premier of the UKErevy, among other things.

G-weekend is from the 13th until the 15th of October. This weekend is for old students.

S-weekend, 20th – 22nd of October, is for current students from all around the country.

H-weekend is dedicated to those who are or have been volunteers at Studentersamfundet and takes place from the 27th – 29th of October.

For groups that would like to purchase tickets for the UKErevy and a dinner party after, send an inquiry to
Dinner party and revy The dinner party is an extraordinary offer for our guests - for those who would like to treat themselves to something extra. The festivity crew/group serves dinner to guests at UKA, every Friday and Saturday during the festival. The dinners are either three or four courses, made and served by UKAs volunteers at Studentersamfundet. It is also possible to order a drink package to go with the food to make the experience more complete.

Weekends during UKA-23:

B-weekend: 06. - 08. of October
G-weekend: 13. - 15. of October
S-weekend: 20. - 22. of October
H-weekend: 27. - 29. of October

For requests for reservations of the dinner party and UKErevy, contactreservasjon av selskapsmiddag og revy. Ved spørsmål, kontakt

UKErevyen is a show that was originally the foundation of the festival back in 1917. The show is seen as the heart of UKA. Since the first festival in 1917, a lot has changed, but the students at Studentersamfundet still put on a great show during UKA. The show has evolved from a partially improvised show, to a more ambitious project. With the exception of an instructor, all of the 180 volunteers working on UKErevyen are volunteers.


PwC is incredibly proud to collaborate with UKA-23! We want to help create good vibes, and a cultural festival that will go down in history as the best of all time?! A bit about us: PwC is more than you might think. We are a leading competence center where technologists, auditors, advisers and lawyers work side by side. And we have offices (almost) all over Norway (28 different locations). We believe that when people with new ideas come together, as they do with us, the world's biggest challenges can be solved. By 2025, we aim to grow with over 1,000 new colleagues throughout Norway. Do you want to join the journey? We need creative people who are good at interaction, are innovative, think differently and have their hearts in the right place. With us, you will quickly contribute to a wide range of assignments, and work together with subject experts to find the solutions of the future.

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Bane NOR

Bane NOR is behind Norway's largest investment in sustainable transport and carries out the largest development projects on the Norwegian mainland. We expand, modernize and maintain the railway infrastructure, digitize the traffic systems and develop stations and hubs. Working in Bane NOR is working for a better future. Rail is the most sustainable way we can move people and goods.
The projects we work on are large, complex, within specialist areas such as geotechnics, construction and administrative, which often require solutions that have not been tried before. The professional environment here is international. In total, we have specialist expertise from 13 different countries working on our projects.

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Norconsult is a proud partner with UKA-21. We look forward to work together to create unforgettable memories and the cultural festival of the ages!

With more than 100 offices, Norconsult is Norway's largest and one of the leading interdisciplinary consultancy companies in the Nordic region. Our services are aimed at community planning, engineering and architecture. We shall contribute to a sustainable society through innovative and targeted advisory services. We are involved in all parts of the development, from the idea phase to overall plans, engineering and operational support.
Every day, our employees help to influence the society of the future through exciting and professionally challenging projects and tasks within our main focus areas of sustainability, digitization and collaboration. A career with us involves continuous development, both professional and personal, within projects, subjects, market and organisation.
Our culture is characterized by the fact that we are constantly searching for new and better solutions for the best for our customers and society as a whole. The company's ownership model, where employees own 100% of the shares, also characterizes our corporate culture. This gives the opportunity to influence one's own work day, strategy and direction, and contributes greatly to the positive spirit and willingness to work that the company's customers experience.

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Sit is proud to be a partner of UKA. We look forward to celebrating the students and student volunteering in Trondheim, and are ready once again to be part of Norway's biggest cultural festival!

Sit, the Students' Union in Gjøvik, Ålesund and Trondheim, will help ensure that students feel comfortable in the cities they are studying in, and that more people want to study here. In collaboration with the students, we will develop attractive welfare services that the students need.
Sit's vision is "We create space for meaningful student life", and the board includes representatives elected by the students with a majority vote. Committed employees, support for the students' culture of volunteering and a close collaboration with the students and the educational institutions must be the cornerstones of our work. The semester fee is used for welfare services for the students.

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Do you have any questions about UKAs main partners or any other partnerships? Contact Næringslivssjef Ane Holm Grøneng
Frivillig Every other year, UKA is organized by around 2000 volunteers working to create a festival where every participant will experience the infamous UKEfeeling. The festival lasts for three and a half weeks, and the road leading to the execution of the actual festival is shared by all our volunteers. UKA recruits volunteers at six different points. The President of UKA is recruited already one and a half years in advance of the festival. Shortly after, the rest of the UKEboard will be recruited. The board then recruits the heads, and assistant heads, of the different sections and groups. These will then, recruit the rest of what we call UKEfunker to each section. Do you want to take part in the creation of Norways largest cultural festival? You can read more here: våre sider om opptak.
The Sections
I have special needs Contact, if you have any special needs, or questions regarding this. A companion will be granted free entry when presenting a valid accompanying certificate. You can read more about availability during UKA at
Event rules Event rules for Dødens dal and Samfundet can be found at
Privacy See personvernsiden for information regarding what personal data UKA saves, what tracking tools we use and how you can change your consent.
Press facilities Do you have any questions regaring press? Contact Eline Storvik Grønvold på
Accreditation Do you want accreaitation for one of UKAs events? Send an e-mail to Accreditation forms will also be available when the whole program for the festival is released.
Vi vil gjerne lagre informasjon om hvordan du bruker nettsiden vår.
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