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UKAs point of sale of tickets – where is it and when will it be open? During UKA you can use the ticket booth in the glass entrance at Samfundet. Here, you can buy tickets, or change a member ticket for a non-member ticket by paying the difference.
It will be possible to purchase tickets in the door at events that aren´t already sold out, both at Samfundet and in Dødens dal. You can also alter your ticket from member to non-member here. At Samfundet, this is possible from 19:00 until the House closes for the night, every day an event is held here. In Dødens dal, this is possible for the duration of the event.
Opening hours Luka in the glass entrance:
13:00 - 19:30 Monday - Saturday
13:00 - 16:30 Sunday
During the opening hours, it is also possible to contact Luka by phone on 992 15 910.
For questions related to tickets, send an e-mail to
In the case of urgency, it is possible to call ticket support at 992 15 995 or current sales at 992 15 994.
When will entrance to Samfundet and theme parties be for sale? Entrance to Samdunet and tickets to theme parties will be for sale at at a later date. Check here and at UKAs Instagram and Facebook user to learn when its happening!
Can I change/get a refund for my ticket? Tickets cannot be exchanged, and will only be refunded in the event of cancellations. If the event cannot be carried out due to government restrictions tied to covid-19 or any other pandemics or diseases, this will be considered to be a cancellation. In such cases, the price of the ticket, excluding the ticket fee, automatically be transferred back to the billing account. More about UKAs conditions of sales you can find at
What do the price categories «member» and «non-member»? If you are a member of Studentersamfundet i Trondhjem, you can buy tickets at member prices. A member ticket will only be valid along with a membership card and a valid oblat, and it is only possible to have one ticket per event on a single membership card. You have to bring your membership card with you in order to gain entrance to the event. If you purchase a ticket electronically, your membership card will function as your ticket.

Members of Samfunnet i Ås or Studentersamfundet i Bergen can also purchase tickets at member prices by presenting proof of membership.
I purchased a member ticket, but am not a member. What do I do? If you bought a member ticket but are not a member of Studentersamfundet, you can convert your ticket to a non-member ticket during UKA at our ticket office. These ticket offices can be found by the entrance to Dødens dal, which will be open during the events helt there.
You can also go to the ticket office by the glass entrance to Samfundet during opening hours (from the 6th of October), or by the main entrance to Samfundet before an event to get it sorted.
Can I have my ticket on my memberhsip card? If you choose the alternative of an «electronic» ticket, the membership card will become you ticket. You will need to bring your membership card to the event. Note that you can only have one ticket to an event on your membership card, the rest you will receive by e-mail.
How will I receive the ticket I purchased at When you have payed for your ticket, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing your tickets, which you will need to print out and bring with you to the event. More information about how to open the file with the tickets will be included in the e-mail. Når du har betalt for billettene får du en bekreftelse på kjøpet via e-post.
If you are a member of Studentersamfundet, and chose to receive your ticket «electronically», your membership card will serve as your ticket and you must bring this to the event. Note that you can only have one ticket for each event on your membership card. If you purchase multiple tickets, the rest will be sendt to the e-mail adress you have registered in you Samfundet-user. You will receive your ticket by mail within half an hour after purchasing it. At times when there is a lot of traffic on the site, it may take a bit longer, no matter if you chose to receive the ticket by email or electronically.
I wish to sell my ticket. Is that possible? Any resale of tickets is forbidden, and possesses a considerable risk of fraud. There is no way to control that a ticket is valid before you are at the door. UKA advices against private resale of tickets. We would also like to remind you that, in accordance with the terms of purchase, UKA can cancel any purchase if there is suspicion of black market sales or attempts to circumvent the ordinary purchase process. If UKA withdraws such purchases, or in case of cancellations, the money will be returned to the original customer's payment card.
Where do I find more information about tickets? You can find more information about tickets Prices, time, place, age limits, and other information can also be found here. Do you have any other questions about tickets that are not answered here? Contact us

Do you have any questions that are not listed here? Contact us at If the inquiry is regarding ticket purchases, remember to state the last four numbers of the card number used to pay, or the reference number stated below the barecode.

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