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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do I do if I forgot something in Dødens dal or at Samfundet? Anything that is left in Dødens dal will be brought to Luka, at the glass entrance to Samfundet. This is also where you can find forgotten items from Samfundet as well. Due to limited capacity, all clothing will be delivered to Frelsesarmeen if it has not been picked up within 48 hours. Valuables will be stored until someone comes to pick it up.
What will the payment options be like during UKA? During UKA, visitors will be able to pay for beverages and food by using card, or «tap» on orders below 500 kr.
What does 'PRIS: Inkludert i inngang'? PRICE: Included in Entry means that you have access to the concert when you pay for entrance to Studentersamfundet that day. Entry to Samfundet during UKA will be for sale at Thursday the 30th of September at 12:00.
Where can I find pictures from events? During UKA, Fotogjengen will be taking pictures of events, guests and volunteers at work. These picture can be found here: Fotogjengens pictures should be credited with "Foto:", or a connection to Fotogjengens profile on the social media in question. Pictures from photobooth will be published in an album on UKAs Facebook-page. If you wish to have any other picture sent to you, please contact
How do I apply as a voluteer for UKA? When UKA is recruiting, all available positions you can apply for, and more information about the application process can be found at You can apply for up to three positions. You will be called in for an interview and receive more information about the process.
We are a group who wish to order tickets to revy and dinner party. How do we do this? We are aware that many previous students and volunteers wish to return to Trondheim for UKA to celebrate and reminisce about memories from their time as students and volunteers. UKA has a mailing list where information will be sent out regarding when you can order dinner pary and revy.
Is UKA only for students? You do not have to be a student to partake in the festivities during UKA. As the largest cultural festival in Norway, UKA has more than enough to offer anyone, no matter age or occupation.
How do I become a member of Studentersamfundet? Go to for more detailed instructions on how to become a member.
What is B-, G-, S- and H-weekends? B-weekend is the city´s weekend, and consists of the premier of the UKErevy, among other things.
Date: 06.–08. October.
Dress code Friday: Galla
Dress code Saturday: Pretty

G-weekend is when the city is filled with old students, returning to their place of study to meet up with old friends and catch the UKErevy. This is a weekend filled with nostalgia.
Date: 13.–15. October
Dress code: Galla

S-weekend is dedicated to current students from all around Norway, wanting to see the UKErevy and feel the vibrations from UKA.
Date: 20.–22. October
Dress code: Pretty/Formal

H-weekend is arranged in honor of the volunteers at Studentersamfundet, in UKA and in ISFiT.
Date: 27.–29. October
Dress code: Galla
Where do I find information about events? Infromation about time of the event, age limits, and so on, can be found on each event´s own page at Information regarding the event will also be included with you ticket.
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