We want to be a festival for everyone! If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, send an email to UKA has four different locations, Studentersamfundet, a festival tent in Dødens dal, Trondheim Spektrum and Nidarosdomen.

Accessibility information for Trondheim Spektrum. It is possible to send an email to

Accessibility information for Nidarosdomen.

The rest of the information on this page is only valid for Studentersamfundet and Dødens dal.


We are working on a solution for wheelchair users in our ticket systems. Before this is in place, we kindly ask you to purchase a regular member or non-member ticket, and then send an email to if you need a place for a wheelchair. If you need a person to follow you, we ask you to send an email to or contact the counter at Studentersamfundet before the event. When you arrive you have to show proof that you can bring a helper with you. This proof must be shown in Glassinngangen, the southern entrance to Studentersamfundet, or to the security in Dødens dal.

Transport and parking

If you are going to Studentersamfundet, you can take the bus to the stop called Studentersamfundet. The stop is either at the same side as Studentersamfundet or across the road. There is step-free access on the right side of the building. If you are going to Dødens dal you can either take the bus to Høgskoleringen or Gløshaugen. From Høgskoleringen it is a one minute uphill walk, while it is a four minute downhill walk from Gløshaugen.

Next to Studentersamfundet you can park in Snorres gate, which is close to the step-free access on the south side of Studentersamfundet. NTNU's parking space above Dødens dal can be used. Parking next to Hovedbygget at NTNU will give you the shortest distance to Dødens dal.

The taxi stand outside Studentersamfundet is next to the entrance to Lyche. The taxi stand closest to Dødens dal is in front of Hovedbygget at Gløshaugen.

Step-free access

Studentersamfundet has step-free access to Glassinngangen on the south side of the building. When the restaurant Lyche is open, this entrance is available for wheelchair users. This is also at the south side of Samfundet.
In Dødens dal the entrance is relatively steep downhill. This can at times be slippery. You can use the VIP entrance right next to the regular entrance for a safer arrival. The security by the entrance will provide you with this offer, and also help you if you want to use this entrance.

Accessible toilet

In Studentersamfundet there are three accessible toilets. These are either inside or right outside Storsalen, Edgar, Lyche, Strossa and Klubben. The accessible toilet in Dødens dal is located closest to the festival tent. For further information about the location, have a look at the map further down this page.

Wheelchair ramp

Outside the tent in Dødens dal there is a wheelchair ramp available. For further information about the location, have a look at the map further down this page.

Interpreting services

The UKA revue (UKErevyen) is a well known and beloved tradition. We provide a certified interpreter for the show on October 20. You can order tickets through our web page.

Allergies and food labelling

You will find food and beverage to purchase at Studentersamfundet and in Dødens dal. Our food and beverage suppliers have information about allergens. If you order a package deal or a banquet you will be asked to provide any allergies beforehand.

Map of concert area in Dødens dal

Kart over konsertområde i Dødens Dal

Map of Studentersamfundet

Map with an overview of Samfundet is available at

Access to the different facilities

Storsalen is available with a lift on the south side (Glassinngangen), this will take you to the ground floor in Storsalen. The gallery is only available by stairs.

The lift on the south side will also take you to Rundhallen, Bodegaen, Klubben, Edgar, Lyche and Strossa. Daglighallen is available through Edgar if there isn't a banquet or another event in Edgar at the time. If you don't know whether this is the case or not, send an email to or ask a security to show you the way. Selskapssiden and Knaus are unfortunately not that accessible. Therefore we wish to be notified at if you want to go to Selskapssiden or attend a concert in Knaus. Then we will find a good solution.

Vi vil gjerne lagre informasjon om hvordan du bruker nettsiden vår.
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