Odda og Henrik inntar Storsalen

DATE: 22.10.2023

TIME: 21.30

LOCATION: Storsalen

PRICE:  from 220,-


Includes entrance

Odda and Henrik take Storsalen

Odda and Henrik have known each other since high school and have been working together on humor ever since. In this show, they will attempt to summarize their friendship and lives so far by exposing, roasting, praising, and probably something bordering on bullying each other throughout the evening. There will be elements of stand-up, variety show, and certainly some serious theatrical elements that Odda believes are important to convey (following advice from Aksel Hennie and other "legitimate" actors he's trying to be friends with). However, there won't be anything resembling burlesque dancing. So, anyone expecting burlesque will be very disappointed. NB: This event is in Norwegian.

For ticket inquiries, have a look at uka.no/billetter

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