Terms and conditions

UKA sells event tickets at the website UKA.no. Tickets purchased at UKA.no are paid by credit card and delivered as a downloadable PDF-file. Alternatively, tickets may be registered to a membership card of Studentersamfundet in Trondheim. The customer also receives tickets per e-mail.

UKA collects the following personal data at a ticket purchase:

This information is only used in our work to ensure available and robust ticket systems and to avoid abuse. Personal data are not shared to any third party, with the exception of cases where UKA would be obliged to assist an investigation. UKA never stores sensitive card data.

Information is stored for five years in accordance with the Bookkeeping Act. The personal data we store are only accessible to UKA volunteers who manage customer support for ticket purchases or operate the electronic data processing systems. If you have accepted cookies at uka.no, we will store and process more data and may use the information differently than what is described here. See privacy statement.

UKA is responsible for transactions related to web-based ticket sales. The payment is processed by Stripe.

Purchased tickets are not refunded, except in the event of a cancellation. If an event is canceled the selling price minus a ticket fee of 25 NOK may be refunded. Information about reimbursement will be given in the event of a cancellation.

Reselling tickets at a higher price is not allowed. UKA reserves the right to cancel (repudiate) a purchase if there is suspicion of such reselling, or other attempts to undermine the regular purchasing process. An example of such an attempt is using automatic completion of the purchase form exceeding the automation which is included in the browser.

UKA enforces different age limits for different events. By default, the age limit is 18 years, but this may vary between events. The age limit is found at the web page of an event. In addition, the age limit is written on the event ticket.

Please contact billett-support@uka.no if you have questions.

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