DATO: 22.10.2021

TID: 17.30

STED: Klubben

PRIS:  Gratis


Equinor aims to take a leading role as the world progresses towards a net-zero future by 2050. We believe that to get there, we must work together. This requires us to join forces both inside and outside Equinor.

We must work together, talk together, innovate together and tackle the challenges together. Join our IT experts as they present some of the most exciting developments in Equinor, followed by a panel debate led by your questions. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on how to get there together.

About the company: We're Equinor, a broad energy company with more than 21,000 colleagues committed to providing affordable energy for societies worldwide and taking a leading role in the energy transition. We're on a journey to net-zero emissions through optimising our oil and gas portfolio, accelerating growth in renewables and pioneering developments in carbon capture and hydrogen.

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