Learning Together: Women in Energy

DATO: 16.10.2023

TID: 13.30

STED: Klubben

PRIS:  Gratis


On October 16th, UKA proudly presents Learning together with Equinor!

Equinor aims to take a leading role as the world advances towards a net-zero future by 2050. We believe that to achieve this, we must collaborate both within and beyond Equinor. We need to work together, communicate together, innovate together, and learn together as we strive for a better future. Join us as our panel of experts, an extraordinary lineup of women driving innovation and shaping the energy transition, take the stage to share their experiences and discuss some of the most exciting developments at Equinor. All of this while recognizing the profound impact of diversity and dedication. See you at the forefront of innovation!

About the company:
We are Equinor, a comprehensive energy company with nearly 22,000 colleagues dedicated to providing affordable energy to societies worldwide and leading the way in the energy transition. Our journey involves achieving net-zero emissions by optimizing our oil and gas portfolio, accelerating growth in renewables, and pioneering advancements in carbon capture and hydrogen.

Food: Sushi and drink vouchers 
Time: 13:30-16:00

Registration can be done at Teknologiporten


Registration opens on October 2nd at 12:00 PM, and everyone is invited to attend.

Any unexcused absence before 00:00 on the same day as this event will result in a mark that leads to exclusion from the company activities during UKA-23.

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